~The Enhancements~

up lighting: 

Up Lighting is the hottest trend for weddings and special events to set the mood or transform a venue. "Up Lights" are lighting units that are placed on the floor around the perimeter of your venue. The lights will illuminate the walls from floor to ceiling with a colored wash. Usually can be run auto, linked together or by an intelligent controller usually operated or previously programmed by a Light Jockey.

stage lighting:

Stage lighting for any indoor or outdoor event. Great for all kinds of entertainment. Including bands, speakers, etc.
Picture also shows our sound engineering options for live bands or public speakers.

sky beams and aerial drones:

Stand out and get noticed with sky beams and stand out PERIOD with an amazing view! It's like having your very own ____ signal. Great for opening nights, grand openings, car shows, or at almost every event. Grab everyone's attention, they will surly come your way.

360 camera:

With 360 cameras the skies the limit. Imagine always being at the best moments of your life? Now just by placing on a pair of virtual reality glasses you can relive your milestones over and over again. Such an eye catcher.

haze / fog machines:

Haze machines, or haze generators (commonly referred to as hazers), are effects machines similar to fog machines, designed to enhance all special effect lightnings, especially with lasers.

fog jets with L.E.D. color wash:

low laying fog / dry ice effect:

cO2 cryo jets FX:

The newest and latest FX added to our box of surprises.

Control where it goes, spray the audience. Fun and surprisingly amazing!

snow machines:

Who said you can't have snow this time of year? Now have it anytime, anywhere. Recommended with low laying fog as seen below.

new intelligent disco balls:

UFO laser, UFO claw and the scorpion laser:

scanners and snipers with laser simulation:

spot lights and moving heads:

basic lighting:

This type of lighting is great for home party light rentals. They run on there own with just some sound and it will add life to your party.

truss, stands, poles, ladder truss and glow up truss totems:

TVs and Projector Screens:

Project your memories with a video montage for everyone to see.  The candid photographer can also add pictures live from the event.  LED Screens of all sizes available.  

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Most packages include attendant(s) and are provided by a 3rd party  - additional delivery and other fees may apply, 
Deposits and plenty of notice is required for these package enhancements / add-ons.