gift card giveaway details and disclaimer


This is a one of a kind, once in a lifetime opportunity for us to thank you for booking your Wedding with us. With this in mind we like to give you a $100 Gift Card of your choice: Visa or American Express. With this Gift Card you can use it at your local Restaurant, Food Store,  Retail Store, Movie House, etc... even perhaps $100 onboard credit for a cruise that you maybe attending. The choice is yours. Save it for a rainy day. It is all up to you.

When Do I Get The Gift Card?

You will receive the Gift Card on the day of the event and once the event is paid in full.

What If I Want To Change My Mind On The Gift Card Selection?

All Gift Card selections are final. We are unable to exchange any Gift Card, this will be listed in your Contract during booking. 

What If I Cancel The Event, Do I Get A Refund On The Gift Card?

Well... the Gift Card is Free to you for booking with us, however, keep in mind, if you cancel your event, we keep the deposit and charge you for the Gift Card. This info will be listed in your contract. However, the Gift Card will not be effected when canceling and will remain active.