guide to weddings:

First things first!

Congratulations on your engagement! As I'm sure you are already aware, planning the most important day of your life can be a very stressful thing. After all, you want everything to be PERFECT. You deserve the best and at American Party DJs, LLC, we strive to offer nothing less than perfection!

Perfection requires planning!

At American Party DJs, LLC we will take the time to meet with you in advance, to help you plan out every detail of your wedding reception. When all the decisions have been made, you can look forward to enjoying your reception while we take care of all the details. We have a wealth of ideas and suggestions for you to choose from that will help you custom design every detail of your reception to fit your personalities, tastes, dreams and desires. We will ask you a lot of questions and gather as much information as we can. The more we know about your expectations, the better we can fulfill them. Also, the information we will gather from you about your family and your guests, will help us to connect with them and play music that will make them feel included as well. Finally, the planning meetings also allow us time to get to know each other on a more personal level. We recognize that you are entrusting the success of your entire investment in your reception to us! We don't take this responsibility lightly, but we are willing to take it, because we are very committed to offering the best quality of service possible. We like to think of our clients as our friends and family.


Who will be the coordinator?

At American Party DJs, LLC we believe in coordinating each and every detail of your wedding reception with the catering staff, photographer and videographer so that everything flows smoothly. I've heard it said that, "Your wedding reception is the Love Boat and your Disc Jockey is the Captain." That is actually a very good analogy, because your reception is not a food driven event or even a photo driven event. Those components are vital and necessary, but the entertainment is the driving force that guides you and your guests through the entire function. So, the person you decide to put in charge of steering your 'Love Boat' should be a 'Captain' with entertainment experience. The caterers are pros at serving the meal and serving out the cake and the photographer and the videographer have made getting just the right shot into an art form, but they typically have little entertainment experience.

'Capturing and holding the attention for an extended period of time' 

Sounds like the job description for the person who should be in charge of your reception, but it's actually the Webster's Dictionary definition of 'entertainment'. Because your reception is an entertainment driven event, the most logical choice for filling the role of 'Captain' is the person who is running the entertainment. We've noticed that when even the smallest detail is forgotten, it can bring your reception to a screeching halt. When that 'stall' occurs, your guests will all look to the Disc Jockey for guidance, direction, or more often than not, for someone to blame. So, we have taken it upon ourselves to personally coordinate and double check every detail at your reception. 

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