What to know about the Bat / Bar Mitzvah Party?

1 - Introduction - Family is introduced by the Master of Ceremonies. This takes place in front of the room.
2 - Candle Lighting - The boy or girl calls each member of his or her family to light a candle with a prepared short speech.
3 - Blessings - The oldest person in the family recites the Hamotzi, this is done over challah, then the bread is sliced and shared with closest family members
4 - Child-Parent Dance - A special song is selected to dance with either daughter and father or son and mother.
5 - Hora - Everyone joins on the dance floor. The celebrator is high up on a chair as everyone surrounds him or her and the family.
6 - The Toast - This is done before or after the Hora and is performed by the parents to honer their son or daughter.